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Exotic Succulent Types That Look Like Something

Love exploring the weird beauty in the world, you don’t miss out on this list today. The 15 Exotic Succulent Types That Look Like Something will certainly open interesting secrete you will be amazed. These succulents own their special and varied shape that makes you easily imagine different gifts to be given by nature. Scrolling down to check them out with us.

Nature has a lot of surprises, and you will be astonished to learn that there are many wonders with unique shapes and patterns in the plant world. When staying in front of their natural beauty, you will have to say ‘wow” or “unbelievable”. And these succulents are one of the great examples. In addition to forming one-of-a-kind beauty, they are also easy to grow like other succulents with basic care. Keep reading and don’t forget to share this post with your plant-loving pals.

#1 Rose Succulents Р looking very much like their namesake

Source: Bhg

#2 Dolphin Succulents – looks like a dolphin

Source: Greendoorgarden

#3 Mermaid Tail Succulent- look like they’re waving about in the air

Source: Twitter

#4 Trachyandra – look like a cocktail stirrer

Source: Unusualseeds

#5 Stringofpearls – looks like watermelons

Source: Gardenia

#6 Myrtillocactus Geometrizans Succulent-Like a beautiful sculpture

Source: Llifle

#7 Bunny Succulents- little bunny

Source: Housebeautiful

#8 Kalanchoe – like some huge potato crisps/chips

Source: Debraleebaldwin

#9 Aztekium – lots of stars

Source: Pinterest

#10 Boophone Haemanthoides – like waves

Source: Titterfun

#11 Crassula Alstonii – looks like a miniature tree growing from a tiny hilltop

Source: Flickr

#12 Crassula Umbrella – looks like a red blood cell

Source: Worldofsucculents

#13 Conophytum Bilobum – like little hearts

Source: Etsy

#14 Lithops- Like brian but also resemble candy

Source: Etsy

#15 Albuca – like spinach pasta

Source: Rareplant

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