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Natural And Biodegradable Seed Starter Pot Ideas You Can Find Around The Home

Spring is the time of planting, if you want to find ways to start your seed, the post today will help. Here are the Natural And Biodegradable Seed Starter Pot Ideas. They can usually be planted directly in the ground, making it even easier during transplant time. They are easy to find, even available in your home. Instead of buying seed starter pots at any gardening center, you can create them under your own ideas. Check them out!

Paper towel rolls, newspaper, eggshells, citrus fruit, and more, are common, right? These plant starter pots are easy to make, environmentally friendly, and perfect for giving seeds and seedlings everything they need to start growing up big and strong. So, don’t toss them into the landfill, let’s turn these items into seed starters and get started on your garden today. Now, take a hard look around the house and see what materials you already have on hand.

#1 Citrus Peel

Source: Lifehacker

#2 Empty Carton Boxes

Source: Instructables

#3 Disposable Muffin Pans

Source: Preparednessmama

#4 Toilet Paper Rolls

Source: Acreagenebraska

#5 Newspaper Pots

Source: Shiftingroots

#6 Eggshell

Source: Sandiegohomegarden

#7 Paper Cups

Source: Dengarden

#8 Egg Cartons

Source: Offgridworld

#9 Pulp Paper Pots

Source: Epots

#10 Cereal Box Paper Mache

Source: Puretraditions

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