Plants And Herbs Can Propagate From Cuttings

#11 Geranium

You can regrow geranium by placing its cuttings in a jar of water. Take cuttings about 6 inches long and make sure all the leaves of the plant are above the waterline.

#12 Begonia

Take begonia cutting of 1 inch long and press it gently in to the moistened potting mix. Place the cutting in warm, humid and well lit spot out of direct sunlight until roots begin to form.

#13 Hydrangea

Cut down 4 inches off from the tip of the plant and leave two to three pairs of leaves. Plant them in moist rooting soil and cover with plastic, you can also cut off the leaves in half to avoid moisture loss.

#14 Jade Plant

Take a branch of jade plant which is about 3-4 inches of long and allow them to dry. Once it is dried, plant it in potting mixture and keep it damped until it takes root.

#15 Chinese Evergreen

When you see these plants becoming leggy, take tip cuttings and pot them in moist and sand potting mix. Don’t forget to mist the leaves just to keep them hydrated until new roots can supply water.

#16 Philodendrons

Philodendrons are of different varieties, but the best part is all of them are easy to grow from cuttings.Best Tip cuttings with 2-3 nodes are the easiest to root because they start growing from this tip as soon as the roots form.

#17 Dumb Cane

Cut off leafy heads and set them aside for a day or two then pot up in individual containers and place them in warm temperature with good light. Cut off the remaining bare canes 2 inches above the soil line and divide the canes in to 3 sections, keep them in rooting trays containing peat and compost.

#18 Fragrant Corn Plant

Propagation is similar to dumb cane and philodendron plants, tip cuttings and mid section cuttings can be grown in to new plants easily.

#19 Holly

Take 10-12 inch cuttings from female plant of holly and wound the bottom one inch. Dip it in the rooting hormone powder and pot up in moist rooting medium then cover with plastic sheeting. Keep it indoors to support its growth.

#20 Rose

Take 12 inch long hardwood cutting of pencil thickness in fall and start planting out in your favorite location. Make sure to water it thoroughly until winter.

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