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Plants Can Attract Money, Fortune And Luck To Home

Apart from supplying green space for the environment, for human life, plants can bring some great benefits such as money, fortune, or luck. And if you want to find ways to help your business and your life better, you are in the right place. Because in this article, we are so glad to share 11 plants that can attract good things in life that you desire. Discover their names with us!

Taking them a look, you will see that each has its own meanings and beauty, right? What is more, some are capable of purifying the air that can improve your life more comfortable. So, we hope that you will find one choice which is suitable for your favorite. Putting them in your house as a member of the family, won’t let you down. Start growing them from today.

#1 Money Tree

Characterized by its green palmate leaves, smooth bark, and elongated flowers, it is believed that it can make you fortunate. This plant is also important in Feng shui for attracting money. It has five leaves per stem, and number five is valuable for practitioners as it symbolizes the element. It is easy to grow as it does not require much light and thrives in partial shade and moderate temperatures.

#2 Lucky Bamboo

It is believed in many Asian countries that lucky bamboo brings good luck and money to home. Growing and caring for this plant is easy. It grows solely in water, just remember to keep the roots covered in water all times.

#3 Rue

Rue is believed that it has many magical and medicinal properties that provide you protection, bring good luck, money, and prosperity. You can grow rue in a sunny spot at your balcony or indoors near a south-west facing window in well-drained soil.

#4 Jade Plant

In Feng shui, plants that produce round or circular leaves can bring good luck. Jade plant has this feature, and therefore, it’s usually given as a gift during new business openings. Water only when the soil is dry, and make sure to provide it several hours of direct sunlight.

#5 Shamrock Plant

In Irish folklore, this plant represents the holy spirit, the father, and the son. For that reason, the shamrock is a lucky plant. The plant loves direct sunlight. Also, try to maintain the moisture level of the soil by watering this plant regularly, but only when the topsoil is dry.

#6 Hawaiian Ti Plant

The Hawaiian ti plant can make you lucky and bring money to your home. There is a belief that if you are growing a ti plant with two stalks, it will make you lucky and bring love in your life as well. Grow it in well-draining potting soil as it doesn’t not like sitting in constant moisture. Keep the plant in filtered sunlight to keep it growing.

#7 Rubber Plant

The rubber plant denotes wealth, luck, and prosperity in Feng shui. Additionally, the rubber plant also helps in removing pollutants from the air. Place the plant where it receives indirect sunlight. Use a well-draining potting mix and avoid overwatering.

#8 Chinese Money Plant

Chinese money plant attracts positive energy and money to homes. It has attractive round leaves that can add appeal to any decor. The plant does well in the temperature above 13 C. Keep it near a west-facing, bright window, away from the direct sunlight. Water the plant only when the soil goes dry.

#9 Pothos or Devil’s Ivy

In many Asian countries, people believe pothos is one of those good luck plants that bring fortune and money to home or office. It also can be an excellent decorative houseplant that purifies the air and remove toxins. Place the plant in indirect sunlight and water moderately.

#10 Holy Basil

According to Hinduism and Buddhism, it brings health, wealth, and prosperity. Besides that, it also works as a mosquito repellant. Growing holy basil indoors is also possible if you’ll place it near a south or west-facing window, and keep the soil dry.

#11 Swedish Ivy

Swedish Ivy is one of the best plants that attract money to your home. You can grow it easily indoors in hanging planters or as ground cover outdoors. If you are growing it as a houseplant, place it on a height to allow its branches to spread easily. Keep in mind, not to place the plant in direct sunlight as it can burn the leaves.

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