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Plants Can Repel Snakes That You Should Grow In Your Backyard

As you know, snakes are one of the most dangerous animals in the world. Most of them have toxic filters. And it is terrible that your home has the appearance of this uninvited guest. The way to get a rid snake out of the house seems complicated, but with just a few simple tips, you can say goodbye to this annoying creature easily.

In the post today, we want to share 8 plants that can repel snakes that you should grow in your backyard. Growing these plants not only protects yourself and your family stay away from the snake but also provides shade and has a decorative effect on your garden. They are extremely useful, let’s check them out with us.

#1 Marigold

Aside from its bright yellow and white flowers that are beautiful in the garden, this plant has long been established as one of the most potent pests and snake repellants. It has very sturdy roots that could grow deep and they are quite aggressive, emitting strong odors reaching down to the burrow holes of snakes.

#2 Mother-in-Law’s Tongue

Snakes are frightened of this plant because of its sharp leaves that can wound them as they crouch through the soil bed.

#3 Lemongrass

We all love the lemongrass because of its strong citrusy smell. And speaking of a strong smell, snakes hate the lemongrass because it is too smelly for them. The West Indian lemongrass is particularly a lemongrass variant that snakes hate. Aside from snakes, lemongrass is also a natural repellent for mosquitoes and ticks.

#4 Garlic

No household exists without cloves of garlic in it so if you have problems with snakes lurking around their soil beds, let’s grow cloves in your garden. Snakes do not only hate the garlic’s very strong smell, the odor that garlic emits also confuses them. It disorients them because it can smell like prey at first only to find out that it is not.

#5 Andrographis Paniculata

It has a very bitter root and leaves so it makes an easy snake repellant. It is said that when its leaves are rubbed on the snake’s skin, it will become swollen.

#6 Snakeroot

Also known as the devil pepper, it has bitter roots and foliage that are used to shoo off snakes from farms and gardens. This is because of its component called reserpine which causes dizziness and slows down the heart rate of snakes. While it is unknown if snakes die because of the serpentine, we are sure that snakes are frightened of this plant.

#7 Pink Agapanthus

Like the Marigold, it can be a beautiful addition to your garden because of its rich pink flowers but its function is really to repel snakes and other pests. It has a strong smell that is particularly irritating for snakes.

#8 Mugwort

This plant has high insecticidal properties. Although no one can pinpoint which component of this plant keeps snakes away, snakes tend to be frightened by this plant.

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