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Super Delicious Asian Vegetables To Grow In Your Garden

Have you ever wanted to try certain dishes from different parts of the world? Today will give you a great chance that you can enjoy them right at your home without traveling or eating at the restaurant. In the post today, we will share the 25 Super Delicious Asian Vegetables To Grow In Your Garden. Not only do these vegetables taste so good, but they are healthy as well because they are packed with vitamins, minerals, and many other nutrients.

Like other vegetables, these Asian vegetables are easy to grow, even you are a beginner. In addition, they can thrive and produce a high harvest without requiring any special care. Owing a large garden is lucky but if your space, it isn’t a problem here. Most of them still grow well in containers or pots like Pok Choy, Chinese Broccoli, Garlic Chives, Chaphlu, and more. Others grow vertical with a trellis or climb on the wall to make the most space you have. Their seed is available in any grocery so that you can and start your own Asian vegetable garden. Growing them and cooking Asian delicious to change the taste for your family right now!

#1 Bok Choy

Mature bok choy has dark-green leaves and crunchy, white stems, it is ready to harvest in 21-30 days. You can use it in stir-fries, braises, and stews.

#2 Chinese Broccoli

Chinese Broccoli has blue-green leaves and crunchy stalks. This bittersweet flavored broccoli is rich in vitamins, iron, and phosphorus.

#3 Malabar Spinach

This Malabar Spinach is nutritious, packed with vitamins and minerals. It can be stir-fried and goes really well with curries and soups.

#4 Bitter Melon

Bitter Melon has both culinary and medicinal uses. Rich in potassium, vitamins, and minerals, bitter melon helps in lowering sugar and cholesterol.

#5 Taro

This starchy root vegetable has brown outer skin with a fleshy inner part. This nutritious veggie helps in boosting the immune and digestive systems. It is great in stews

#6 Lotus Root

The underwater rhizomes of the lotus plant have a crunchy texture and are slightly sweet in taste. These starchy roots are equipped with lots of fibers and vitamins. They can be deep-fried, braised, or boiled

#7 Galangal

This root galangal is a close cousin of ginger, except that its flesh is more hard and pale. It a great addition to soups and curries.

#8 Garlic Chives

The green stalks of garlic chives can be used to prepare spring rolls, scrambled, and eggs.

#9 Indian Squash

Indian Squash is a delicious vegetable rich in many essential vitamins. It is great in soups and sambhar or Indian curries

#10 Chaphlu

The fresh leaves of Chaphlu are used to wrap rolls of fish, chicken, and mutton. You can also sauté it and pair it with several dishes.

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