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The Best Beautiful Cup Shaped Flowers To Grow In The Garden

There’s nothing wonderful than enjoying a patch of gently nodding tulips in the wind to raise your spirits. But tulips aren’t the only cup-shaped to bring color to the garden. To add more vivid to your garden, we’ve rounded up ten of the best beautiful cup-shaped flower that are excellent additions to garden beds, borders, and containers. If you’re finding flowers shaped like cups or bowls, you’re sure to find beautiful options on the list.

Scrolling down, they are so beautiful, right? Each has its own beauty and can brighten up space in your garden according to its ways. Like other flowers, they are also easy to grow with a general rule. For example, full sun from 6 or more hours of direct sunlight per day, or the part sun. Regarding soil conditions, they need to be grown in moist, well drainage, and high nutrients. Now, let’s pull on your favorite gardening gloves and rubber shoes, and start planting everything on our list of the best flowers.

#1 Tulips

Tulip bulbs look great planted in clumps or mass plantings in the garden and you can also plant tulips in containers for beautiful spring color.

#2 Chinese Magnolia

Chinese Magnolia trees produce an abundance of pink cup-shaped flowers that look like tulips.

#3 Mexican Prickly Poppy

Mexican Prickly Poppies are thistles with beautiful yellow cup-shaped flowers. They bloom from mid-spring to summer. All parts of the plant are toxic so don’t plant these flowers if you have pets or small children and wear thick gloves when you’re working with them.

#4 Canterbury Bells

Canterbury bells are beautiful flower plants that can reach 2 feet. They grow best in cool climates. They are easy to grow from seed and they bloom from late spring throughout summer.

#5 Winter Aconite

Winter aconite is a small yellow cup-shaped flower that blooms in late winter or early spring.

#6 Gentian

Gentian is beautiful wildflowers, it is most commonly deep blue or purple in color but there are also white and red varieties available. It can range in appearance from small cup-shaped flowers to a deep funnel shape.

#7 Mountain Laurel

Mountain laurel is a beautiful flowering shrub that produces an abundance of small white flowers shaped like cups.

#8 Crocus

Crocus is gorgeous cup-shaped flowers that pop up in late winter or early spring.

#9 Pasque Flower

Pasque flowers have beautiful purple flowers with bright yellow centers and they grow best in full sun.

#10 Morning Glory

This cup-shaped Morning Glory flower is a beautiful climbing flower vine that is perfect for a trellis or fence.

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