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The Fastest Growing Vegetables And Be Harvested In No Time

Most of you always love eating tasty and organic vegetables on daily meals. Therefore, you always want to grow them at your home. However, not all know a way to grow right veggies to meet the needs. Stopping if you are looking for, we are so glad to share the fastest growing foods for you to enjoy on the quick. Besides, you just need to grow them once, you can eat them all year. It is so interesting, right? Check them out with us!

And here are the 18 Fastest Growing Vegetables And Be Harvested In No Time. They are easy to take care of and quite suitable for those who are beginners in gardening. Most of them do not require many conditions about soil, water, nutrient… so that grow well. It time to take them a try now!

#1 Sunflower Shoots

Sunflower Shoots (or sunflower greens or sunflower sprouts) may be tiny but they sure pack a wallop in terms of nutrition! Harvest by cutting the stems once they have two leaves, and before they show their “true leaves” because sunflower shoots become bitter as they age. About 12 days, you can harvest them.

#2 Garden Cress

Ready to harvest in as little as two weeks, garden cress can be planted in early spring.

#3 Radishes

Once sown, you’ll see leafy green shoots above the soil in just three or four days. Keep planting seeds every week or two for a constant harvest through spring and autumn.

#4 Green Onions

They are quick-growing plants that can be cut back to their base again and again throughout the season. Once their green shoots reach a height of 6 inches, they are ready for the first round of harvesting.

#5 Tatsoi

Baby tatsoi leaves can be harvested when they reach 4 inches in length, or you can wait the full 40 days for tatsoi to mature to full size.

#6 Lettuce

Another cool-weather vegetable that prefers temperatures. Planting new seeds every 14 days will provide a continuous harvest.

#7 Spinach

Able to survive in temperatures, spinach is a cold hardy vegetable that can be planted as soon as the ground thaws. Pluck outer spinach leaves from the plant as it grows or re-sow seeds every two weeks for successive harvests.

#8 Arugula

Since arugula seeds germinate well in cooler soil, they can be planted as soon as the garden bed can be worked after the spring thaw. Sow seeds every two to three weeks for continuous harvesting.

#9 Kale

A “cut-and-come-again” plant, kale’s young and tender leaves can be culled continually throughout the growing season once the plant is about 2 inches tall. Avoid picking the central bud, since this keeps kale growing and productive.

#10 Bok Choy

Bok choy also known as pak choy and Chinese cabbage – is a cool weather vegetable that is best planted in spring and fall. Baby leaves can be harvested in a month, or you may wait a couple more weeks for full-sized bok choy heads.

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