The Taylor Swift and Travis Kelce Impact Stands at Par With Lionel Messi’s Influence, Claims Footballco CEO

Since the romance between Taylor Swift and Travis Kelce soared, the convergence of the music and sports worlds became inevitable. Swift’s fanbase now fills NFL stadiums, while Kelce’s followers are embracing the culture of Swifties. While the surge of ongoing reports indicating a rise in women’s NFL viewership has been countless, a recent comparison highlights parallels between Lionel Messi’s influence and that of the celebrity couple in their respective domains by the Footballco CEO.

Discussion surrounding Swift’s impact on the NFL and her relationship with Kelce is prevalent. Yet, their extension of influence to connect with soccer star Messi is a remarkable rarity, transcending even the NFL boundaries.

Footballco CEO weighs the odds between Messi and Taylor Swift and Travis Kelce’s influence

In recent times, statistics have given a nod to the accelerated influence Taylor Swift and Travis Kelce’s relationship has brought in the NFL. Given the notable impact, not many remain unaware of it, at least not Footballco CEO Jason Wagenheim. Hence, he recently said in a video call how Lionel Messi’s impact on North American soccer is quite in tandem with “what Taylor Swift and Travis Kelce did for the recent surge of women watching the NFL”.

According to a survey by Footballco, Messi’s arrival in Inter Miami has witnessed a credible growth in America’s football viewership. Reports suggest that around 90% of the fans in the US who were interviewed have been “excited” about Copa América’s play in the US. Furthermore, the statistic also holds a record for the skyrocketing surge in Instagram followers of Inter Miami, currently resting at 16 million. Additionally, new sponsors like Royal Caribbean have arrived for the team. And to top it off about the Messi mania, his jerseys remain tagged as “sold out”.

As convincing as Messi’s influence on the soccer league in North America, Taylor Swift’s impact on the NFL has been also quite profound for the business.

Taylor Swift boosts up the NFL and Chiefs’ kingdom’s brand value

Ever since Taylor Swift stepped on the NFL grounds to cheer for the Chiefs’ kingdom, the viewership and publicity have seen a flux like never before. A report by Front Office Reports suggested that the amp in brand value rests at an estimation of $331.5 million. The reports also mentioned how her impact has catalyzed female viewership to surge by 9% from last year to this year.

Furthermore, male viewership of the NFL has also risen by 6%. Besides this, the ‘Swift Magic’ has also spread sales for Travis Kelce’s jerseys with a 400% hike. Additionally, the male interest recorded a 15% hike to that of females, which stands at a 12% rise. Given the remarkable numbers and the visible flux in publicity, it is not that shocking that the big bodies of the sports industry are drawing parallels to this power couple and their influence.

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