Ways To Get Rid Of Flies And Keep Them Away From Your House

Like mosquitoes, flies are harmful insects and big trouble makers. They bring many harmful bacteria that cause disease for humans and cause unsanitary food. They appear everywhere and reproduce at breakneck speeds. But not everyone knows the way to repel them right ways. Don’t worry, here are the 12 best ways to get rid of flies and keep them away from your house that you can apply to your home right now. They are safe, effective, and free. For the simple reason, you can use easy-to-find household items to make these methods.

There are many ways to repel flies like spraying, spraying chemicals around the house, burning flies incense, …However, for a long time, but these methods are not beneficial to health, especially for children. So these ways below are the perfect choice for you. Just try a few times, you will be surprised by their effects. It’s time to check them out with us.

#1 Cayenne Pepper

Flies have strong feelings against hot cayenne pepper powder. Simply mix some up with water and put the mixture in a spray bottle. Use liberally on areas with lots of flies, and it will kill them off in no time.

#2 Basil

Basil is a culinary herb, its aroma can repulse flies. To get rid of flies in your home, grow the basil plant in your garden or in your balcony similar to the hot pepper plant or along with it if you wish. You can also make an insect repellent spray with basil leaves as the way below:
(1) Pick a few basil leaves and squeeze them a little to form cuts in the leaves.
(2) Steep these leaves in hot water for about 30 minutes.
(3) Strain the leaves and use the liquid as a spray.

#3 Ginger Spray

Ginger spray is an all-natural and powerful fly repellent that’s easy to make and works like a charm. To make ginger fly repellent follow these steps:
(1) Add 2 spoons of finely dried ginger powder to a bowl containing 4 cups of normal water.
(2) Stir the mixture well so the ginger essence mixes well with the water.
(3) Strain the mix and transfer the liquid into a spray bottle.
(4) Spray the repellent wherever the flies tend to accumulate.

#4 Essential Oils

Many essential oils have strong odors that chase flies away. To prepare this spray, you would need some oils with strong odours such as clove oil, thyme oil, peppermint oil, lemongrass oil, and cinnamon oil. Here the way to make:
(1) Add 10 drops of each essential oil to the spray bottle.
(2) Pour 2 cups of water and 2 cups of non-flavored vodka.
(3) Blend the ingredients together by shaking vigorously.

#5 Apple Cider Vinegar and Eucalyptus Oil

(1) Add the witch hazel and the apple cider vinegar to the spray bottle and shake well.
(2) Now add the eucalyptus oil to the mixture and shake well to prepare the repellent spray.

#6 Vodka-based Repellent

Flies hate the smell of vodka, which is one of the reasons why this alcohol-based recipe is a great natural product to assist in getting rid of them. Make as below:
(1) In a glass spray bottle, mix one cup of vodka with two teaspoons of aloe vera juice and a teaspoon of organic lemon eucalyptus oil.
(2) Spray the solution in all the areas that you know are infested with flies.

#7 Lemon Stuffed With Cloves

This technique works well for both indoor and outdoor places and to repel flies.
(1) Place whole cloves in half lemon, and wedge in as many of the cloves as you can fit into the flesh.
(2) Place the lemon half in a bowl, and let it do its job.

#8 Pennies In Water

This old Latin American trick ensures that flies will stay away, even if it doesn’t seem like pennies would be an instinctive repellent. Simply place glasses of water around the food that you feel is in danger of being attacked by the flies, and throw in about four or five pennies in each one.

#9 Milk Sugar Pepper Traps

This type of trap has been found to work wonderfully with all flies, especially for fruit flies. First, take a saucepan and heat up one cup of milk, three teaspoons of sugar, and one tablespoon of pepper. Allow the mixture to simmer for five to 10 minutes and then pour the mixture in a shallow bowl. Now, place the bowls around the infested areas. The flies will immediately be attracted to this mixture and drown right after landing in the bowls.

#10 Citronella Smoke

Even though citronella candles are known for being a great mosquito repellent, it’s been found that they are equally effective for getting rid of flies too. Flies hate smoke, and with the added scent of the citronella candle flies will soon scatter.

#11 Slices Of Cucumber

Flies famously hate the smell of cucumbers, so one of the best ways to deter them from laying eggs in your garbage is to put slices of cucumbers right on top of the can. Placing cucumbers around all areas of “risk” for flies will keep them away before they even have a chance to seek out and discover the places they might want to lay their eggs.

#12 Cinnamon Air Fresheners

Flies absolutely hate the smell of cinnamon. You can purchase pure cinnamon essential oil and use it in a variety of ways. You can add a few drops to your favorite diffuser and allow the diffuser to permeate the scent throughout your home, or you could add 5 drops to a glass spray bottle, fill with water and mist it around your home.

#13 Sugar Water Trip With Paper Cone

This natural method for getting rid of flies is one of the easiest, most cost-effective, and simplest to put together. All you need is a jar with a little bit of sugar water on the bottom, and a paper cone to insert inside the jar upside down. First, cut a small hole in the tip of the cone before putting it in the jar, and make sure that it isn’t touching the liquid at all. Then leave the trap where you believe it will attract most flies, and as they go down the cone towards the sugar water they will not be able to get back out again, trapping them inside the jar.

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