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18 Easy DIY Phone Stand Ideas

You use your phone for hours for seamless Zoom meetings, movie watching, and even TikTok recording. This makes you easily get hand fatigue or hand numbness. Don’t worry! The phone stand will help you as a supporter when you still use the phone without holding it. You can find a variety of phone stands in the market from cheap to expensive. Instead of buying it, you can start a DIY phone stand project with our list below.

These ideas are made out of easy-to-find materials and some of them are free. Imagine, it is possible to create a phone stand with toilet paper roll, cutting boards, old jean pockets, pencils, and many more. The time for these projects just takes a few minutes to finish and then use it just like what you want. When using you will see that the function is also the same as the phone stands available in the market. In addition, creating a DIY phone stand is a clever way to reuse old items around your home to be more useful. Check them out and try making the simplest phone stand project you can accomplish.

#1 Lego Phone Stand

Source: Livemaster

#2 Cutting Board Phone Holder

Source: Flickr

#3 Pocket Old Jean Idea

Source: Apartmenttherapy

#4 Wood Slice Phone Stand

Source: Novate

#5 Toilet Paper Roll Hack

Source: Hometalk

#6 Concrete Phone Stand

Source: Suchandsuch

#7 Popsicle Sticks Phone Stand

Source: Pianetadonne

#8 IPad Stand From Pipe Fittings

Source: Instructables

#9 Cardboard Phone Holder

Source: Pamspaintingdiary

#10 Wood Phone Holder

Source: Pinterest

#11 Wine Cork Craft Idea

Source: Pinkfortitude

#12 The Pencil Phone Stand

Source: Geeky-gadgets

#13 Phone Stand from a Picture Frame

Source: Thediymommy

#14 Raw Wood Phone Holder

Source: Sketchystyles.wordpress

#15 Plastic Bottle Phone Stand

Source: Handimania

#16 Bamboo Phone Stand

Source: Houzz

#17 Old Book Phone Stand

Source: Treehugger

#18 DIY Phone Stand Made of Cups

Source: Pinterest

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