30 Beautiful Shade-Loving Plants To Grow Indoor

We all know that plants need sunlight to survive. However, some plants still survive easily with partial sun, making them great to grow inside the house or under bigger plants (that create shade for them). Indoor plant pots or garden will add more charm to your house. Some even help purify the air in the room. If you are finding for a pretty yet inexpensive home decoration, just give these a go.

Here are 30 beautiful shade-loving plants to grow indoor I would like to share you guys. They work with both beginning and experienced gardeners. Some of these plants require minimum care, so you can definitely give them a try. Growing them indoor can also save you a lot of space, especially when your garden is lack of room for favorite plants. As I love adding more green colors to my house, I fall for these ideas. Let’s check them out!

#1 Elephants Ear

Elephants Ear is a beautiful indoor plant that features its unusual style. As its leaves can easily get burn, you should place it in a shady spot of your home.

#2 Paper Plant

Paper plant is known for its leaves. They are extremely fragile and susceptible to cold or dry conditions.

#3 Anthurium

This beautiful floral plant blooms in medium to low light, in vibrant color. Make sure that you water it regularly to keep the soil moist.

#4 Rex Begonia

Colorful foliage makes a name for rex begonia. This beautiful plant grows well in medium to low light.

#5 Creeping Fig

This plant does not require much care and maintenance. It’s great to place on any table of your room.

#6 Arrowhead Plant

Arrowhead plant features its arrow shape leaves. It can be placed anywhere in your home where it gets indirect sunlight for their survival.

#7 Monstera

Monstera is also known as Swiss cheese plant. It adds a vibrant pop of deep green and tropical feel to your home.

#8 Peace Lily

Your house will be more charming with peace lily. This beautiful flowering plant blooms multiple times a year.

#9 ZZ Plant

ZZ plant cannot be missed in list list. It is one of the hardiest indoor plants, not only survives with little sunlight but also resistant to drought resistant.

#10 Peacock Plant

The unique leaves of peacock plant makes its name. They have a dark green feathered effect from the middle of the leaf to the outer edge. Undersides of leaves are pinkish-maroon. New leaves look pink before they unroll. This plant needs high maintenance, but grows without sunlight.

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