30 Beautiful Shade-Loving Plants To Grow Indoor

30 Beautiful Shade-Loving Plants To Grow Indoor

#21 Devils Ivy

Devils Ivy is one of the most common indoor plants in Asian countries. It’s excellent climbers and grow vines even in the worst conditions.

#22 Haworthia

Only one thing that makes haworthia different from aloe vera is dots on its leaves. It is also a succulent that’s sensitive to cold temperatures and blooms tiny white brownish flowers in early summer.

#23 Japanese Sedge

Japanese sedge looks like grass, and is beautiful in small pots. This inhouse plant needs very little care.

#24 Fittonia

There are many vibrant colored varieties of fittonia. This plants surely adds color to your indoor spaces. It appreciates constant humidity, so the bathroom is the best place to grow this plant.

#25 Birds Nest Fern

Another plant of fern family introduced here is birds nest fern. It has wavy leaves with a centre that resembles nests of bird. This plant tend to grow in bunches when found in nature and work as a unique indoor houseplant.

#26 Japanese Sago Palm

Japanese sago palm is a beautiful plant that brings the feeling of California into your home.

#27 Cast Iron Plant

Cast Iron can survive even in drought conditions. They are slow to grow and impossible to kill plants. Make sure to wipe the leaves with damp clothes once in a week to keep it maintained.

#28 Maidenhair Fern

I get a beautiful maidenhair fern pot near the window. It requires little more care like frequent waterings with distilled water and bright indirect sunlight to support its growth in a healthy way.

#29 Parlor Palm

It’s great to place parlor palm in living or dining rooms. It requires moderate care, and appreciates medium, indirect light and can even thrive easily in artificial light. Water it only when the top of the soil is dry.

#30 Dragon Tree

The dragon tree is famous for its spiky leaves with a red outline. This plant is impossible to kill. Just make sure that you keep it away from direct sunlight, because it could damage it.

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