32 Easy And Stylish Knit And Crochet Headband Patterns

#21 Easy Braided Crochet Headband

These braided headbands are perfect for little girls and they’re very easy to crochet. You make three small strips and then just braid the strips together.

You can do these in a single color or make them really bright and do each section a different color. You can lengthen the pattern as well if you need something a bit larger. One of these, counting all three sections, will probably take you less than an hour.

#22 Teddy Bear Crochet Headband

Great one if you are relatively new and need some practice. You can also lengthen or shorten the headband easily depending on the size that you need.

There are also frogs, piggy’s, and other cute animal headbands that you can create.

#23 Half Fisherman Knot Knitted Headband

This headband gives you a wonderful opportunity to learn the half fisherman rib stitch. It’s relatively easily and the stitch looks like those cute thermal shirts that you can buy at outdoor adventure stores.

It’s a bit easier than the fisherman rib stitch and if you have mastered the basic knit and purl stitches, this one should be a breeze. You’ll have a blast making it and once it’s finished you’ll have this cute narrow headband that’s perfect for any occasion.

#24 Knit Zig Zag Cable Headband

This zig zag pattern is great and it’s really easy to work up. I love the detail, especially for a headband that you can have done in less than an hour.

The stockinet cable tacks across your garter stitch and it’s worked back and forth in rows and then joined with a three needle bind off.

This is a really great pattern if you need practice in something other than basic knit and purl stitches and it creates a really unique looking headband.


#25 Easy Crochet Sparkle Headband

This cute sparkly crochet headband is the perfect weight for summer. It’s an easy pattern that will honestly probably take you less than an hour to complete.

Adjust the length to make it perfect for little girls or grown women. The light weight is perfect for warmer months, although you could use a heavier weighted yarn if you want something a bit warmer for fall or winter.

#26 Dainty And Elegant Shell Crochet Headband

This little headband is so gorgeous and so very easy to crochet. It’s perfect for little ones or you could make it long enough for yourself. The shell stitches are absolutely beautiful and much easier to make than you may think.

This really looks like a flower crown and you can do as many different colors as you can stand. You’ll have this one completed in just a couple of hours, unless you’re a master at the shell stitch and then you can have it done in a snap.

#27 Peacock Knit Headband

Aside from the gorgeous coloring of this one, and you can of course use any color you want, the entire headband is beautiful. It’s a peacock knit and if you’re looking for something a bit more formal than casual, this is a great headband.

The pattern is really easy and you can probably finish this one is a couple of hours even if you’re new to knitting. It’s relatively thick but you could use a lighter weight yarn if you want something that’s less seasonal.

#28 Crochet Ear Warmer Headband

This headband doubles as an ear warmer, as most do, and it’s a wonderfully thick headband that is sure to keep you warmer in winter. It’s also a really easy pattern.

It’s a bit larger than many ear warmer headband patterns too so it will really keep those ears warm. This one uses the herringbone stitch. If you haven’t done that one, this is perfect for practicing. It honestly is a simple pattern and it’s perfect for beginners.

#29 Beautiful Fall Colors Headband

The colors used in this fall colors headband are absolutely gorgeous. Of course, you can use whatever colors you want to make it perfect for any season. This is a really simple pattern that you’ll work up quickly.

It’s a tie together headband which makes it much faster to finish off. It’s relatively narrow too, which also helps save on time, although you could do it wider if you wanted.

#30 Knit Fair Isle Headband

This Fair Isle headband is a beautiful design and uses sport weight wool. It’s a two color stranding that gives you great practice working with two colors. You’ll knit with one color in each hand.

If you haven’t done multiple colors before, this is a great headband for you to practice on. It’s plenty warm for those cold winter days and you can combine some beautiful coloring in this one to make it unique.

#31 Easy Crochet Headband And Bow

Here’s another take on a crocheted headband with a bow. On this one, the bow is a separate piece, and it’s just as easy to make as the headband piece.

Both together shouldn’t take you much longer than an hour even if you’ve never crocheted before. You can use any worsted weight yarn for this one and I love the idea of crocheting the bow in a contrasting color than the actual headband piece.

#32 Lace Center Knit Headband

This headband is easily knitted and has a gorgeous lace look center. It’s also convertible and can be turned into a neck warmer by just moving it down.

I love the thickness although you could probably use a lighter weighted yarn if you want the look without the weight. You can practice your purl stitches with this one which is great if you’re a beginning knitter and haven’t worked with purl stitches much.


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