Most Beautiful Plants Can Bloom All Summer

#11 Candytuft

These hardworking, ground hugging evergreen plants can brighten up any nook and corner in the garden with its clusters of tiny flowers that start appearing in spring. Candytuft can grow in full sun as well as partial shade. Keep the soil moist by regular watering.

#12 Eryngium (Sea Holly)

Silvery blue and spiky, the flowers and foliage of sea holly are strikingly different from those of usual garden plants. Consider adding it to your summer garden. Tolerant of neglect, drought, poor soil, and salt sprays, they are a great choice for xeriscapes. Flower spikes last long and look great in both fresh and dry flower arrangements

#13 Aster

Asters can be started from seeds, but purchasing young plants is the best option. Plant them out in spring for summer blooming that usually extends to fall. They do well in both full sun and partial sun, but they can’t stand too much heat. Rich and moist soil with good drainage brings out the best in these beauties.

#14 Daylilies

Daylilies bloom from spring to fall. Each flower lasts for just one day, but a succession of them open up day in and day out, ensuring that your garden looks cheerful throughout.

#15 Rudbeckia

This is a wildflower that earned a rightful place in our gardens by its large flowers and profuse flowering habit. The contrast between the bright yellow petals and the brownish black center disc makes these large, showy flowers all the more striking.

#16 Catmint

The bluish-purple flowers are tiny, but they are borne in abundance on long, slender, terminal flower spikes that stand above the silver-gray leaves. The flowering period is quite long, starting from mid-spring to fall. The plants are drought resistant and do well in both full sun and partial shade.

#17 Snapdragon

Another reliable annual with a long flowering season, snapdragons were an old favorite in summer gardens. Start plants from seeds or cuttings, and plant them in spring. Pinch the young plants to induce branching. You get only as many spikes as the number of branches they have.

#18 Bee Balm/Monarda

This North American native blooms from early summer to fall, producing whorls of tubular flowers around the tip of each branch. It can be planted in fall as well as in early spring. Choose a location with rich, well-draining soil. It does well in full sun as well as in part shade and attracts butterflies and hummingbirds. The flowers and leaves can be used to make an herbal tea.

#19 Dahlia

Although dahlias are perennials in warmer areas, reliably coming up from the ground in spring, they have to be started afresh from tubers in most parts of the United States.

#20 Gaura

This wildflower is a North American native, forming large perennial stands, crowding out all the competitors. They are sometimes called bee blossoms, but the four-petalled flowers have more in common with butterflies. In a gentle breeze, the tall spikes carrying white blossoms appear to be covered in fluttering butterflies. It is easily propagated from seeds or division of rhizomes.

#21 Canna Lilies

They are perennials with bold foliage and bolder flowers. They start blooming from late spring or early summer depending on the zone and continue through summer and fall. Sunny location and ample moisture in the soil are ideal for lush growth and flowering.

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